The board members hope to create meaningful, collaborative projects and programs and are currently finalizing the short and long range plans. In 2020 a key focus will be on soil health education and related initiatives. Improving diversion infrastructure will also continue to be a priority.

Lyn Halliday, Supervisor

Lyn and her husband Scott are 30 year residents and landowners in Routt County. Lyn is an environmental scientist and owns an environmental consulting business in Steamboat Springs. Her lengthy career has focused on watershed and land management for which she has received numerous awards. She has authored numerous publications encompassing water conservation, watershed planning, groundwater management, lake restoration, and carrying capacity. Ms. Halliday was elected to the RCCD Board and appointed Board President in 2019.

Tyler Snyder, Supervisor

Tyler graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2010 and since has been managing his family’s cow/calf pairs operation outside of Yampa. The ranch has been in the family since 2006. He also operates a hunting recreation business with his father and nephew. Tyler was elected to the RCCD Board in 2019 and was appointed Vice President.

Kent Sandstedt, Supervisor

Kent is a lifelong rancher and currently owns and operates, along with his wife Aileen, CR Summit near Steamboat Springs. The operation includes Ranch Advisory and Home Management as well as an Equine Center that provides horsemanship and riding instruction. Kent is involved in numerous community non-profits. He was elected to the Routt County Conservation District and appointed Board Secretary in 2019.

Cam Kuelthau, Supervisor

Cam and his wife Laurie have been involved with ranching for many years. They currently have a grazing and dryland hay operation in the Elk River Valley in north Routt County. Before that they rebuilt and restored other ranches in Colorado and Wyoming, placing an emphasis on land and water conservation and wildlife habitat restoration. Cam was elected to the RCCD Board of Supervisors in 2019 and serves as RCCD Treasurer.

Jeremy Kline, Supervisor

Jeremy is a 5th generation rancher in the Yampa Valley. He currently operates a custom haying ranch under the Open Box J Brand in Hayden. Jeremy follows his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps as avid participants with the Routt County Conservation District. He was appointed to the RCCD Board in 2020.

Stephan Evans, Supervisor

Stephen’s interest in farming began as a child helping his grandfather in Iowa. He has a degree in microbiology and also took classes in plant physiology and botany. His interest in gardening expanded six years ago when he began ranching and farming 88 acres of certified organic alfalfa with the goal of using regenerative farming practices to restore and revitalize the soil.

Michael Moon, Supervisor

Michael has a lifelong interest in conservation and working landscapes and has passionately pursued better land stewardship on the lands that he manages throughout his career. He has worked on/managed several large conservation-oriented ranches including work with the Nature Conservancy, Quivira Coalition, and the Chico Basin Ranch. He has served on numerous Boards including Routt County Cattlemen’s Association.

Patrick Stanko, Supervisor

Patrick and his family operate a multi-generational cow/calf operation consisting of using the dryland as summer pasture and irrigated hay meadows for winter feed.  He grew up in Routt County Agriculture, was a member of the Routt County 4H, and is well versed in the history of the valley.  Patrick is specifically interested in seeking best practices for a changing environment.