Riparian Trailer

What is a riparian trailer?

The riparian trailer is an educational tool.  It is a self-contained watershed demonstration that shows the value of various conservation measures that naturally exist, or can be applied to protect the land.    The display is approximately 4′ by 8′ by 1′.  The trailer must be pulled by a vehicle with a 2″ ball hitch.

How does a riparian trailer work?

After filling the water compartment, a re-circulating pump moves water through the system providing a varying stream flow for the demonstration.  The operator can show how shrubs, and trees will protect the stream bank while discussing the values of these plants to wildlife (fish, mammals, reptiles).  By using the display props included, the operator is able to show the impact of the erosion process on people and property at the location of the disturbance as well as further downstream.  Applying a few minor modifications, the user can show the value of terraces, ponds, and other structural conservation measures.

Who can use the riparian trailer?

Anyone can use the riparian trailer!  Teachers, educators, special groups, etc are all welcome to utilize the trailer.  Educators/instructors can simply use the trailer as a demonstration, but students and other users can be quizzed on the value of grass, shrubs, and tree cover for the land and water.

The big picture of using riparian trailer

Students are given a visualization of what can happen if a stream bank or other lands are not properly protected from the erosive forces of nature and man.  The end of the demonstration provides opportunity for students to explore decisions relating to home construction, windbreaks, terraces and natural vegetation removal.

The following documents are coming soon!

Riparian trailer use agreement

Riparian trailer procedures checklist

Riparian trailer equipment checklist