2014 Tree Seedling Program Delivery Details

Tree seedlings ordered through the 2014 RCCD Tree Seedling Program will be delivered Tuesday May 13th to the ACE Hardware parking lot (2155 Curve Plaza).  Please plan to pick up your trees after 12pm.

Did you forget to order your extra large potted Colorado Blue Spruce or Ponderosa Pine trees?  These trees will be for sale on the tree seedling order pick-up date (May 13th)!  Trees will be $15 each and all purchases will support the Routt County Conservation District.  Each extra large potted tree sold will come with a FREE bag of potting soil donated by Ace Hardware!  Look for the RCCD table in front of Ace on May 13th from 12pm on.

The Future of Northwest Colorado Water

The Yampa/White Basin covers roughly 10,500 square miles in northwest Colorado and south-central Wyoming. The largest cities or towns in the basin are Steamboat Springs (pop. 10,402) and Craig (pop. 9,185). The Yampa/White Basin is projected to increase in municipal and industrial (M&I) water demand between 23,000 acre feet (AF) and 39,000 AF by 2050 with passive conservation included.

Join the Yampa-White-Green Rivers Basin Round Table to discuss the challenges our community faces regarding water, and how the challenges can be met.  Residents and interested parties are encouraged to participate in the Basin Implentation Plan process.  This is YOUR opportunity to join in the discussion about the future of Northwest Colorado Water.


Thursday, February 13, 2014
6-8 pm
Steamboat Community Center
(1605 Lincoln Avenue)

Trees for Conservation

Welcome to the 2014 Tree Seedling season! With all this snow falling it’s difficult to imagine planting trees, but it’s time to order for next spring!!!
Routt County Conservation District is proud to, once again, bring you trees for conservation.  Please find attached the new and updated 2014 order form.  The form should provide you with all the information you need to successfully place your order.  However, please feel free to contact me on this email address, or by
calling 970.879.3225 extension 107 if you have further questions.
New this year, please note the following:
*UPS orders cannot be made through the Routt County Conservation District.  Please contact the Colorado State Nursery directly should you need to place a UPS order.  This year there will be an additional 15% charge for all UPS orders (on top of shipping charges).
* RCCD is not permitted to make changes to any placed orders.  You may add to existing orders, but we cannot remove or change species that have been ordered.
*Orders will not be placed unless payment has been made.  RCCD accepts cash and check.
*There is no minimum acreage required to purchase seedlings.  However, all seedlings must be used for conservation purposes.
*Tree delivery date is expected to be 2 weeks later this year than it has been in previous years.  The exact date is not yet set, but plan on mid-May.
*Please visit our website often for information and updates regarding the Tree Seedling Program and all else related to RCCD:
Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!


National Food Day

Today, October 24th, is Food Day!  Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.  Visit the Food Day website for more information and to learn what people around the country are doing to celebrate this event: www.foodday.org.  How food literate do you think are you?  Take this quiz to find out:Take the Food Literacy Quiz!

nourish1.jpgWhat is Food Literacy and Why Does it Matter?

Posted by Kirk Bergstrom, Executive Director, Nourish Initiative 0pc [What's This?] on October 22, 2013 · 

Growing up in Colorado, the last thing on my mind was the story of my food. It came from the grocery store, of course. Or a fast food joint. I was enamored with anything that the astronauts might eat or drink, which meant highly processed food.

One of the few memories I have of eating fresh, local, seasonal food was at a nearby cherry orchard. Wow, the burst of flavor still lingers in my mouth. Like many people, I went from meal to meal without ever asking the most basic questions: Where did this food come from? How was it grown? How did it reach me?

In a nutshell, I was food illiterate. Not until I moved away from home did I begin to question my relationship to food and the larger food system. Gradually, I began to reflect on the ecological and social implications of my food choices. I discovered the joy of shopping at a farmers market. And I cherished the act of cooking and eating with friends and family.

As my food journey unfolded, I found myself becoming more food literate. I saw food and agriculture as powerful levers for constructive social change. How many spheres of human activity—if you design with intention—can create more vibrant communities, help solve global warming, and restore fiscal sanity (remember health care costs)?

This personal engagement with the story of my food led me to produce a PBS special entitled Nourish: Food + Community and develop a companion educational initiative. More and more, I’m intrigued with the question: What is food literacy and why does it matter?

At Nourish, we’ve crafted a simple definition for food literacy: “Understanding the story of our food from farm to table, and back to the soil.” This definition invites us to consider the big picture. We’re all part of the story.

Join us in creating a more food literate society.

Kirk Bergstrom is the founder and executive director of WorldLink, a nonprofit organization dedicated to education for sustainability. A filmmaker, designer and social entrepreneur, he has produced award-winning television, interactive multimedia, websites, museum exhibits, and educational curricula. Kirk enjoys tasting seasonal fare at the farmers market and cooking up fresh veggies picked from the garden.


CO Global Health and Water Symposium

The 3rd Annual Colorado Global Health and Water Symposium is September 28!

Are you interested in learning more about water and how it related to health issues?  Consider attending the 3rd Annual Colorado Global Health and Water Symposium.

Speakers are to include:

  • Greg Hobbs, Justice of the Colorado State Supreme Court, on “Colorado River Water Issues”
  • Ruth Berggren, Physician and Director of the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics at UT San Antonio Health Center, on “Ethics of Health in Disaster Relief”
  • Vanessa Tobin, Director of Water/Sanitation, Catholic Relief Services, on “Solve the Water Issue – Save 80% of the Hospital Beds”

Click here for more information