Water and the West

Your RCCD Supervisors recently wrote an opinion that was published in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. We want to be sure that our state is planning for water use with an increasing population and amid concerns about drought. From the piece:

The biggest cautionary message from Western Slope farmers and ranchers: taking water from the West Slope could devastate the region’s farms and ranches and, as a result, the entire state economy. This would not be a viable answer to the state’s water challenges.

The reality is that Colorado’s population is increasing and as drought conditions mean less water, there is a looming shortage that must be addressed with smarter solutions to ensure a sustainable future for Colorado. Whether for domestic or agricultural purposes, we can all use water better. A recent poll found that most of us are willing to reduce our use and find other ways to protect our water supply.

Read more here. And click here to hear directly from Colorado farmers and ranchers who are concerned about water use in our state. Please share and let us know what you think!